A Collaboration between the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Maryland State Highway Administration, Office of Structures (OOS)
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Maryland Hydraulics Panel


In July, 2015, the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) and the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) appointed the Hydraulics Panel to explore the development of improved procedures to ensure that Maryland policies and processes leading to construction in flood plains are efficient, while also providing accurate assessments of hydraulic performance of highway crossings. The Hydraulics Panel has worked closely with the staff of SHA and MDE; reviewed MDE regulations, policies and design approaches; and provided input on a variety of issues.
The long term goals of the panel include the following:

  1. Finalize the recommendations concerning revisions of the present regulations related to the MDE use of FEMA models as minimum standards.
  2. Develop efficient hydraulic analysis procedures by integrating FEMA and MDE models into one and provide respective guidance.
  3. Review all other controversial regulatory issues such as allowable changes in flood plain elevations, changes in velocities and shear stresses, wildlife and fish passage criteria etc.
  4. Review the information from specific SHA reports in which the resolution of such issues turned out to be a problem and formulate recommendations on effective ways of resolving such discrepancies.
  5. Prepare a plan of action for a comprehensive set of recommendations on resolution of such issues in the future meetings.


Milestones Table The Panel revised Table 1 in the Maryland State Highway Administration OOS Manual for Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design, Chapter 5, Project Development. Chapter 5 has not been revised in its entirety; Table 1 is provided as a stand-alone document.

Presentation on Panel Activities E. Rios Vidal, K. Sandoval, and A. Kosicki presented an update to an audience of practitioners on June 22, 2017.